Customer Testimonials

Here's what some of our satisfied customers and doctors have to say:

I have had lower back pain for years and was told there was nothing that could be done because I had degenerative disc disease. After getting the brace I got almost immediate relief. I now stand straighter and walk better with my walker. I sleep better at night. I put the brace on in the morning and wear it to midafternoon. It’s great!


Martha Ann Davis

Jacksonville, FL

Degenerated L3 and L4

I suffer from lower disc bulging and spinal stenosis. Before I got the DDS brace I couldn’t do hardly anything. I couldn’t stand on my feet for very long, without back pain. I withdrew from all activities. When I received the DDS brace I was able to function a lot better. I was undergoing spinal shots which I have since canceled. I will probably always have back problems, but the DDS has really helped me be able to function much better. My thanks for the brace.



Tuscumbia, Alabama

The DDS 500 has completely cured my low back pain. 


Butler Hendrix

Haskell, OK

It has improved my quality of my life during the day and night. If you need a spokesperson for the product I would love to be one. 


David A. Medlin

Roanoke Rapids, NC

I am so grateful and thankful for this brace. The trigger point injections did not last. Running the sweeper simply killed my back. They had stopped giving back surgeries in the state of Kansas. I saw a neurologist who wanted to fuse and place rods in my back. My knees would not have been able to last. My lower back is full of osteoarthritis. The L4 is being destroyed from the disease. Also the L5. But thanks to my brace, I can walk around Wal-Mart, grocery stores, my house, work, cook and attend church which is all the things I love to do. My depression is gone. Thank you. God bless you all.


Yolanda R. Lowe

Kansas City, KS

Degenerative L4 and L5 and Osteoarthritis

The brace provided significant pain relief by reducing strain and pressure on my L4 and L5 discs by pulling adjacent vertebrae away from area.


Richard Vincent

Age 57

Havelock, NC

Herniated discs

I am a physical therapist who had severe pain in my lower back…which allows me to evaluate the DDS back brace from both a patient and a practitioner point of view. Wearing the DDS brace gave me so much immediate relief I couldn’t believe it. I was astonished that only after wearing it for 2 hours I would get 8 hours of relief. The extreme pain in my leg from sciatica would be gone within 5 minutes after putting the brace on, and it was especially helpful for me at night when my pain was the worst. It allowed me to sleep when I otherwise could not.


I did end up having back surgery, and thank goodness so far so good. I waited a week post opp prior wearing the brace, and again it worked really well for me, allowing my muscles the opportunity to rest so they wouldn’t get too sore. I don’t have to wear my brace near as much these days, however it definitely aided in the healing process.


There is no question; I would absolutely recommend the DDS brace to anyone with lower back pain, including my own patients.


Terri Gigliotti, P.T.

Excel Orthopedics Specialists

Medford, MA

I have been suffering with chronic back pain for many years and have undergone numerous treatment modalities, as well as pain management. As a rehabilitation professional, I felt I had exhausted my options and feared surgical intervention was the only resource left.

You had recently presented your product to me and our Medical Director. He suggested I try the traction belt in conjunction with my physical therapy and pain medication.

I am pleased to say, I no longer require pain medication! My quality of life is improved. I would recommend this traction belt for use by others as an adjunct to their current physical therapy.


Phyllis Mandel. P.T
Administrative Director
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Phelps Memorial Hospital Center

I have been using the DDS 500 for about 18 months now. I first injured my back over 17 years ago when I fell on a ceramic tile floor. The fall caused my L5 disc to bulge. Since then my lower back had gotten worse as my discs had degenerated. No doctor or surgeon could help me. Weekly visits to my chiropractor were all that was saving me. During this time I never stopped looking for a remedy. Every three months or so I would use Google to search for various key words for back pain remedies. Then finally I found the DDS 500 and I have been wearing it religiously since. I love it! It works! I can definitely tell my back is finally healing. I am no longer in pain and am even able to start exercising again. My chiropractor even got mad at me because he knows I am doing something that is healing my back but I haven’t told him what! I estimate that in another 6 months my back will be totally healed.





I was first introduced to the DDS back brace at a company training. DDS sales manager Steven Fontana had flown out to our corporate headquarters in Kansas City, KS, to educate our staff on how this new brace works so we could best represent it to our client base. As Steven began to explain how the brace creates decompression of the spine by lodging up under the rib cage and pushing down against the pelvic girdle, my interest immediately began to intensify.


I approached Steven after the training to inquire about getting one. I explained to him how I had been suffering from chronic back pain for the last 8 years (since my spinal compression fracture) and was on the verge of agreeing to back surgery.


Steven was kind enough to leave me with a sample brace and I began wearing it that day. I was very anxious to see if it would do what Steven claimed it would do—decompress my spine.


I had a 3 day ministry convention coming up where I would be standing in a booth long periods of time. I figured that would be the ultimate test for the DDS back brace.


Well, it has been a month since I first started wearing the brace and I can honestly say I am very blessed to have received it. My back pain is pretty much eliminated. I still wear the DDS brace from 2 to 4 hours per day. If I have a particularly long day on my feet, or have to do a lot of walking, or any serious lifting (not often, but occasionally) I still feel that old ache... but it is SIGNIFICANTLY improved.  So much so, that I have really put off the idea of surgery. 


I used to have nights when I couldn't sleep, even with pretty heavy doses of anti-inflammatory medication, and sometimes even with prescription pain meds.  I have not had a sleepless night (well, at least from back pain) since about a week after I began wearing the DDS brace. 


I wore the DDS back brace for most of the time that I worked the 3-day ministry conference.  I wore it under my polo, over a t-shirt, and it was quite comfortable for the extended hours I worked our booth.  I am gearing up to work another 3 day festival on Labor Day weekend, and will be counting on my DDS brace to pull me through again!


I have been very impressed with the amount of traction that it provides, without being uncomfortably tight.  This is very important to me due to the fact that I wear an insulin pump.  The infusion of the insulin along with the inserted blood glucose sensor has to have a very good amount of circulation through the area of interstitial fluid below the surface of the skin.  What I have found with other "constriction" braces, is that they tend to inhibit the circulation of the interstitial fluid in and around my infusion sites, which would cause problems with the overall blood glucose control.  I have been an insulin dependent diabetic since I was 8 years old.  I have to be VERY careful about controlling my blood glucose levels, and this brace allows me to function comfortably at work, keeping my glucose under good control, while also providing much needed relief and allowing healing to take place in my back. 


Thanks again to Steven and DDS for providing this incredible product to me.  I'm serious... I LOVE it!


Jim Gillespie

Knit-Rite Customer Service

Just wanted to update you guys on how the DDS back brace is working for me.  There is only one word I can think of and that word is "WOW"!  As an engineer, when I saw the ad I knew there was a good chance that it could help me.  But I never dreamed it could help this much.  I ran 4 miles Tuesday afternoon on asphalt, wearing 10 year old walking shoes, not running shoes.  I had no back pain while running, and no radicular symptoms.  I thought that was a great test, but today I put it on and mowed the grass and ran the weed eater, cleared out a fence row, and cleaned out the garage.  Normally, if I could get just one of those things done on a Saturday, I would consider that a productive day.  Normally, I just go until my back tells me it's time to stop.  Today, I literally ran out of work to do.  Again, I had no back pain and no radicular symptoms. 

Thanks so much, 
Terry Burrow PTA

CRMC Medical Center

Cookevile, TN

As an Interventional Cardiologist who spends hours at a time wearing a heavy protective lead jacket in an x-ray lab doing research, the DDS back brace has been nothing less than a career saver for me. I began developing pain in my lumbar spine a few years ago. It became so bad that I visited a pain doctor who, among other things, introduced me to the DDS brace. The extra support and pain relief this brace affords me has allowed me to continue working in the lab. I would definitely recommend this brace to anyone who has to wear lead or any extra weight on a continual basis. If I had only had the knowledge of the DDS brace and the foresight to wear it in the beginning of my career, I am certain I would not be having any back problems now. I encourage all those in my industry to use it for preventative maintenance in the early stages of their career, and if you are suffering any kind of lower back pain as I was, I certainly recommend you start wearing it ASAP.


Dr. Frank T. Bunch

Chairman, International Horizons Group

Mobile, AL

I’ve never written a testimonial before, but it here goes. I’m seventy years old and have been a back pain sufferer for 44 years. Yes, I was only twenty-six when I did something very stupid and did a number on my L2-L3, and L3-L4.  I can’t even guess what I have spent on doctors and chiropractor visits over the years. I’ve been hospitalized for up to three days and lost many work days because of my back pain. Despite repeated suggestions from my doctors, I refused to agree to surgery. To get any relief at all I hung by inversion boots every day for ½ hour in the evening for twenty years. As I got older, this was not an option so I switched to an inversion table and used it for another twenty years. When I moved to a smaller home and the inversion table had to go. 


My back pain has been so bad at times that I’ve had to walk using a walker. Getting out of bed in the morning has been a major event.  I am very healthy and not a bit over weight. Five months ago I went into a spine specialist organization to get an independent review to determine if I qualified for one of the two new epoxy processes being used because my own orthopedic doctor said no. The spine specialist confirmed that only surgery would relieve my pain. I explained to them all that inversion helped me for years, and asked if there was there something else that would work for me that would decompress my spine. NO! was my only answer.


Four months ago I resorted to the WEB for answers. It didn’t take long to find the article on the DDS back brace. I called my HMO doctor and e-mailed him the link to the article I had found.  I told him I would not accept a referral to an orthopedic.  I wanted his approval directly.  I got it and my insurance covered it.


I have been without pain from the day I put the DDS brace on over three months ago. To say my life has improved since then would be an understatement.  I invest one hour in the evening wearing it. I get out of bed in the morning like a normal person. I can even lie on my stomach while sleeping. There is no amount of money I wouldn’t have paid for this relief. If you suffer from lower back pain, I’d give the DDS back brace a try if I were you. Good Luck!


Richard Theriault

APICS and CPIM Certified Electrical Engineer

Van Nuys, CA

I practice chronic pain medicine for the Sanford Pain Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The lumbar DDS Belt is a big, new help to me in treating multi-level, lumbar degenerative disc disease.


People who are symptomatic with this problem commonly do not tolerate axial loading [weight bearing forces/gravity] of the spine, whether sitting, standing or walking.

They may be improved by traction at home or in a physical therapy clinic, but this type of axial unloading can't be used during activities of daily living.

Opiate pain medications can help people with painful, multi-level degenerative disc disease gain function, but this does not abate [address] the biomechanical [physical] problem.

The surgical results for fusing multi-level degenerative disc disease are not good. 

The axial unloading provided by the lumbar DDS Belt directly addresses the biomechanical intolerance that can occur with multi-level degenerative disc disease. It provides immediate symptomatic improvement to many people for whom this is a painful problem. I know this because they often tell me about it in the first 30 seconds that the DDS Belt is pumped up!


Here are some examples of patient statements about the lumbar DDS Belt:

"That feels great! Good gosh. You hit that spot up there. I cannot believe it. Hmm! By George, it has!"

"This is unbelievable. It took that pain out of... my back. That's been bothering me for days. That's heaven. That's just heaven."

"Oh, wow! Like there's been a weight lifted. A lot of my lower back pain is lifted. This is really nice."

"Wow! That did relieve a lot of the pressure in my lower back. Boy, that did relieve. It's unreal."

"You know that belt? Oh, that's a wonderful thing! That's a Godsend."

The lumbar DDS Belt has a bright future. Thank you for it.


Dr. John Hansen M.D.

Souix Falls, SD

Thank you for bringing the DDS traction systems to our department, in a short time they have proven to be unique and useful in treating spinal disorders, pain, and paresthesias. I have tried the DDS back brace myself one afternoon while experiencing low back pain, and it completely resolved my complaints while I wore it.


I have never found such an effective dynamic lumbar stabilization brace, not to mention the constant lumbar distraction it provides while in motion.

One of my patients is currently using the DDS at home and has found it to be the most effective tool in controlling her later day low back, gluteal and leg pain. She will be writing a letter to you very soon to describe her satisfaction with your product and to thank you.

Again, thanks so much for providing one the most effective, easy to use, comfortable, and unique traction devices I have ever found in close to ten years of practice. It will undoubtedly continue to be one of my most powerful tools in therapy.

Matt Landfield
Senior Physical Therapist
Physical Medicine and
Rehabilitation Department

I have a bulging disc and it was causing me severe sciatic pain on my right side and down my leg. I just received the DDS back brace last week and my pain has already decreased. I would say I am already experiencing 75 percent improvement in pain relief.  I received my brace on a Thursday and by Friday afternoon I was walking vertically instead of bent over. Today—a week later—I am walking faster and am more agile. My doctor wanted to do an MRI that would cost me $1,000 but I wanted to postpone so I could try the DDS brace. I so am happy I postponed. I was very skeptical at first…I just didn’t see how it would work, but it certainly shut me up! I love it!


Sandra Carson

Medical Services of America

Statesville, NC

This letter is in support of the ambulatory traction belt (DDS Belt) that we have been using at this clinic for over one year for our chronic back pain patients. I would estimate I have seen 80 to 85% of the patients that I have used this with have moderate to significant relief of their back pain when ambulatory or with prolonged standing. I particularly like to use this device beacuse it does not have the side effects of opiate medicines have and also it is non-invasive and again, it has been very helpful with our patients.


I have no qualms about using this traction belt with any of our chronic back pain patients, with the exception of those who are in the immediate post-op period, but as soon as they are cleared by the surgeon, if they do not already have a belt, we will try to fit them with one because it has been so successful in assisting our patients. 


Barratt C. Sturtevant, PA-C

Bon Secours Neuroscience Center for Pain Management

Portsmouth, VA

Being in the practice for twenty years, I have always struggled with care of cervical disc herniations and was considering purchasing one of the numerous traction tables on the market. I have also disliked prescribing the over the door cervical traction units and have used numerous pillow and traction wedges. I must admit I had some doubts about your product but after a demonstration and trial use on numerous patients, I am more than satisfied.


Thank you for introducing me to your line of DDS Traction Belts, they will be a great asset to my practice.


Thank you

William Thimmel, D.C.

Fair Lawn, NJ

I have been working with Ridgefield Imaging for over 3 years as a MRI Technologist. Ridgefield Imaging is very reputable in the community and employs quality personnel and operates with top-notch equipment. 


About four months ago, I was introduced to the DDS traction belt for both cervical and lumbar treatments. It is quite unique from other belts that I have seen. So I took one home for my wife who suffers from neck and shoulder pain and numbness in her arms. Using it for the first time and within 15 minutes of application, her symptoms came down 90%. It was definitely a big relief for my wife. Now she only uses it when it is necessary. It was amazing because she’s had several months of therapy and the symptoms were the same, and the first time she tried DDS, her pain had waned down.

I also witnessed several patients at Ridgefield Imaging Center and performed MRI sequences because the belt is MRI safe. We compared the images with and without DDS, and noticed significant differences on film for the areas of distress on the vertebrae. Most patients who tried on the traction belt told me that they were relieved of their pain and wanted to purchase it for themselves.


I have witnessed patients getting relieved of their pain in a matter of minutes after using the DDS belt. This invention can really help many people with their neck and back pain. I highly recommend this product because I’ve seen the results, very good results.



Efren Fiesta
Chief MRI Technologist
Ridgefield Imaging Center

Ridgefield, NJ

As a result of spinal stenosis the pain in my back, which radiated down my right leg, was quite excruciating. While traction provided relief it was restricted to my therapy sessions, which were coming to an end. Imagine how pleased I was to learn that there was a new traction device that I could use at home. The DDS 300 is a belt worn around the waist that, when inflated by an air pump, widens the lumbar discs and provides relief from pain. When used every morning and evening, it usually keeps me pain free. When I am really suffering and have important matters to tend to, I wear it comfortably under my clothes for the entire day. An important consideration for anyone who has had a hip and/or knee replaced (as I have), the DDS Belt does not put any stress on those joints as other traction devices may do. It gives those of us whose back problems are relieved by traction the welcome ability to control pain. DDS really works!


Janet Wedge

We have found the DDS back brace to be the best mechanism to stabilize the patient after and in between their spinal decompression treatments, and to get them through the acute phase of the injury as quickly as possible. We previously used a different back brace but it didn’t work nearly as well nor was it as aesthetically pleasing. Now we use the DDS 500 exclusively with every patient. 

We have found that with the DDS back brace patients heal faster. This translates into better word of mouth and into increased practice revenues. At Advance Chiropractic we sell decompression packages which include 20 sessions with guaranteed results. So if in fact a patient actually needs more than 20 sessions to achieve full recovery  then he/she  will receive “free” sessions  so that we fulfill our guarantee,  what we have found is that with the DDS back brace the need for additional sessions has either been dropped significantly or eliminated completely. That means more available table time to treat new paying patients.

I love the DDS back brace and would definitely recommend it for any practice looking for better patient outcome and increased revenues.

Dr.  Jeffery Becker

Advanced Chiropractic

Spinal Aid Centers of America

We started using the DDS back brace when we began providing non-surgical spinal decompression to our patients. We initially offered it as an option for our patients but we soon discovered that treatment outcomes were significantly better with the brace than without.  Now, use of the brace is a mandatory part of the decompression protocol in our practice. Simply put, the DDS brace works. 


Dr. Joseph H. Chun
SpinalAid Centers of America
Chatsworth, CA

I am an Orthotic Technician and have been in the Orthotic and Prosthetic industry for 26 years. I have seen many different types of lumbar supports and have fabricated and adjusted devices myself, for various conditions.

In early September of 2010 the owner of my company left your brochure for the DDS back brace on my workbench. We had received your brochure before, but now I had a very difficult patient in mind.

The patient had two herniated discs and arthritis and was not responding to other devices. After missing two weeks of work, repeated steroid treatments, muscle relaxers and pain medication the patient was desperate… and the patient was me. I was totally locked up with back spasms and could barely walk.

I called DDS and spoke to Karen who thoroughly explained how the device worked and what to expect. Given the option to return it if I didn’t like it, I figured I had nothing to lose.

When it arrived I put it on and pumped it up. It felt tight like other back supports but the uplifting and uncompressed stretched feeling was great! Then I noticed a change in the sensation in my legs, the tingly feeling was replaced by warmness. When I would let the air out I could actually feel myself lower. It was amazing. Within 2 days I was walking much better, with considerably less pain and finally felt unlocked.

At first I wore it all the time for relief from the pain. Now I wear it only during heavy work or if I feel like I need to be stretched.

I would recommend this device to anyone with back pain. DDS back brace really does what it says it does. Like I previously mentioned I had the option to send it back if I didn’t like it… Now you couldn’t pry it away from me!


Julie Steller
Orthotic Technician

I wish to comment on my personal experience with the DDS Back Support and Brace System. I have used it now well over one year and have had excellent results with it. I'm very pleased with its versatility, especially that it can be used as just the inflatable back support and/or with the more rigid plates for the back and abdomen. I have used it in all of its formats.


I have had long-standing back problems including stenosis, degenerative joint and disc disease as well as herniated discs and nerve root impingements. I was introduced to your back support about 2 years ago by a local product representative and have had excellent results with this support. I frequently have back pain and it interferes with my activities of daily living. Last summer, using the brace, I was able to wash and wax my son's vehicle completely and had no significant back pain either during or following that activity. Without the back support, I'm sure that I would have been almost hobbled by the back discomfort. I also appreciate that it is washable and comfortable to wear.

I compliment your company on producing such an excellent product. Being a physician, I have used it with many of my patients and have found it to be very helpful to them as well.


Joseph Grassi M.D.
Orthopedic Associates of the 
Greater Lehigh Valley
Phillipsburg, NJ

As founder of Spinal Aid Centers of America, the #2 rated medical service Franchise, we are privileged to treat an average of three (3,000) patients daily and patient outcomes are paramount to us. In that regard, it is with great pleasure that I provide an endorsement for the DDS Lumbar Spinal-Air Decompression Brace. 

I was first introduced to the DDS brace in 2008. Of the dozens of product partnership pitches I receive every month, this one was different.  I would like to say that I immediately recognized the brilliance of this brace and how it can help our patients, but that would not be entirely true. What first got me interested were the people behind the product. Their integrity, ethics and efforts were quite refreshing, and opened the doors of trust for me to be able to learn more. 

Once I studied the DDS brace I soon came to realize it is completely unlike any other brace on the market. Most importantly to me, I could see the complimentary benefits the brace would have with SpinalAid patients in carrying the decompression therapy we start in our centers into the home on a daily basis.

As a result of implementing the brace into our suggested therapy regimen, we experience a very high patient outcome, with most patients well or better. I attribute an increase in reported patient pain capitulation to the DDS brace.

To put it mildly, this brace works. Additionally, it is well manufactured.  It is made of high grade cotton so it is comfortable for my patients to wear above or below clothing; it is machine washable and very durable. Patient satisfaction has been very high.

I recommend this brace to anyone with the need for such a product and plan to continue to endorse the DDS brace to my Franchisees globally after carefully selecting it over all other braces available, both for it’s own merits and for the integrity of the manufacturers whom I trust, appreciate and respect.


Dr. Frank Liberti
SpinalAid Centers of America

The DDS Max cervical traction collar has provided clinical results equal to our in house non-surgical decompression program. The collar offers an opportunity to engage the patient in active care and therefore increases compliance. It is ideal for the patient who is looking for a cost effective way to help reverse damage to the cervical spinal discs but it also provides an effective modality to help slow down the degenerative process. Several design features make the DDS MAX the most effective collar on the market, first it allows a smooth and controlled cervical decompression to the discs. This keeps the cervical muscles relaxed and helps overcome any muscle guarding reflex. Secondly the chin support is very comfortable, it’s design maintains even distribution without stressing the TMJ. Finally the collar can be worn with the patient in an upright position without any additional accessories. This increases patient compliance. The collar can be used without having to lie down or hook up any sort of pulley system. Patients just love it!


In a world driven by computer tablets and smart phones, cervical disc injury is a condition on the rise.


Dr. Stephen Stokes BS, DC, FIAMA
Advanced Pain Solutions, LLC
Cape Coral, FL

Approximately 80 percent of the patients we see here with neck pain are suffering from some degree of disc herniation. We started dispensing the DDS MAX Cervical Traction within our clinic as of October 2012 to most all of our qualifying patients resulting in very good outcomes. About 90 percent of our patients have reported significant relief within just a few days of using the DDS MAX. Prior to using the DDS MAX our patients were doing mostly manual therapy with our physical therapists and using the over-the-door traction devices. We have found the DDS MAX to be much safer and easier to use allowing our patients the ability to treat themselves more often, which is important to the speed of their recovery.


Dr. Syed Hussain
Family Medicine and Rehab

Jacksonville, FL

I have been using the DDS brace as an adjunct to my spinal decompression therapy system for over 4 years now. I can say, without any hesitation, patient recovery time with decompression is greatly reduced when they use the brace as opposed to doing decompression without it. They simply get to a pain-free state much quicker.  Additionally, our chronic low back pain patients who can't afford, or who can't make time for non-surgical spinal decompression, but chose to wear the brace tell me they walk better, have better posture, are upright longer and are more mobile as a result of wearing the brace.


The DDS brace is a key part of my practice adding to the successful and quick recovery of my patients which produces great patient outcomes, high patient satisfaction, and numerous referrals to the practice.


Bryan Hansen M.S., D.C.
ProSpinal, Inc.
Reno, NV

I was in auto accident 35 years ago that resulted in a cracked vertebra among other problems. I have been in some degree of lower back pain ever since and have gone to many doctors over the years trying to find some relief. I have tried many things including an epidural shot which didn’t really work that well, and I have had several back braces none of which have worked.


Recently I tried a spinal decompression machine at my chiropractor’s office. It worked great and gave me the first real relief in a long time. But they are so expensive to do that it is just not feasible to keep going. When I saw the ad on TV for the spinal decompression brace I turned to the Internet to do my research. I am so glad I did. After trying on the DDS 500 for the first time I found almost instant relief. What an amazing brace! I am able to do many things pain free that I have struggled with for many years now. In fact I just mowed my lawn without any pain. Also I can play golf with it on, no problem.


The DDS back brace has helped me get my life back. Thank you for such a wonderful product.


Jerry Stewart

Portage, IN

I suffer from lower disc bulging and spinal stenosis. Before I got the DDS brace I couldn’t do hardly anything. I couldn’t stand on my feet for very long, without back pain. I withdrew from all activities. When I received the DDS brace I was able to function a lot better. I was undergoing spinal shots which I have since canceled. I will probably always have back problems, but the DDS has really helped me be able to function much better. My thanks for the brace.



Tuscumbia, AL

What People are Saying

"I have not had a sleepless night since about a week after I started wearing the DDS back brace."  -Jim Gillespie, Kansas City, MO

"Wearing the DDS back brace gave me so much immediate relief I couldn't believe it. I was astonished that after wearing it only 2 hours I would get 8 hours of relief!"  -Terri Gigilotti, Physical Therapist, Medford, MA

"I have been without pain from the day I put the DDS back brace on over three months ago. To say my life has improved since then would be an understatement. I invest one hour in the evening wearing it. I get out of bed in the morning like a normal person. I can even lie on my stomach while sleeping. There is no amount of money I wouldn’t have paid for this relief. If you suffer from lower back pain, I’d give DDS a try if I were you. Good Luck!" -Richard Theriault, APICS and CPIM certified eletrical engineer at ITT Exelis, Van Nuys, CA.

The DDS 300 treats the CAUSE of your pain. Other braces only treat the SYMPTOM of pain.

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